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05th December 2013
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05th December 2013
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nasi goreng~

05th December 2013
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05th December 2013
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Interviewer: What are you getting all the boys?

05th December 2013
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Niall at the Capital Rocks concert (x)

05th December 2013
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Wallpaper ver. available here.

05th December 2013
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05th December 2013
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[Perfume Staff Twitter]: ‘We received the privilege of performing on TV Asahi’s “MUSIC STATION”. Were you able to watch it? We took this snap right after the broadcast! After this show, don’t forget to tune into TV Asahi’s “Toshi Densetsu no Onna” starting from 23:15 [JST]!!’

09th November 2013
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@Harry_Styles: A little party never killed nobody.

Carry your world~ #coldplay (at Gang PGA)

Cover nya aja keren apalagi lagunya :D #prfm #sweetrefrain – View on Path.

Finally I get it, this is for you @niallhoran :3 #crazymofos (at Pak Haji Ntis Boarding House)